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Starting from 2015, the Art Museum of Iasi in partnernship with the “George Enescu” National University of Arts from Iasi and the National Museum of Fine Arts from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, are succesfully developping the International Contemporary Engraving Biennial.

In 2021, the 4th edition of the International Contemporary Engraving Biennial N-E will take place. The event is already well-established in the international artistic circuit of contemporary art, the first three editions being a real success and the Art Museum of Iasi has become a landmark in contemporary engraving in the entire world. This year’s edition, held mainly online, aims to encourage the vast creation of this exquisite genre and, at the same time, popularize it among the public.
Taking into account the limitations given by the current sanitary circumstances, but also out of the desire to conquer an audience as large as possible and from various social categories, BIGC 2021 will bring a series of novelties.

The calendar of this year’s edition will include the following stages:

16.08 – 25.09.2021 – The registration period of the works on www.bigciasi.ro
26.09 – 28.09.2021 – Selection of the works

19.10.2021 – Launch of the virtual exhibition on the website www.bigciasi.ro, the opening of the exhibition with the winners of previous editions at the Iași Art Museum and in the outdoor exhibition space of the House of Culture of Iași “Mihai Ursachi”, as well as the launch exhibition catalog.

After November 1, 2021, the exhibition will be toured at the National Museum of Fine Arts of Moldova – Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

BIGC 2021 addresses young engravers and well-known artists from Romania and from abroad, promoting the diversity of cultural identities in different geographical areas from the perspective of transposing cultural specificities through the plastic language of contemporary engraving. BIGC 2021 represents an opportunity to highlight and maintain in time the classic engraving techniques, being a segment of artistic creation less affordable in recent years among professional artists, as the realization of the works requires advanced technical skills.

BIGC 2021 aims to facilitate the access to the secrets of engraving and implicitly of contemporary art to an audience as large as possible, developing several specific actions to diversify the audience and conquer new audiences. We want BIGC 2021 to be more open to the community, in terms of quantity and quality. In this sense, within BIGC 2021, 5 engraving workshops will be organized, which will take place in an innovative way, in the museum space, in the middle of the exhibition with the engraving works awarded in the previous years, thus allowing a concrete demonstration of engraving and “popularizing” various engraving techniques (e.g. drypoint). The workshops will be free and accessible to all, upon request. Two of these workshops will be held in partnership with Izvor Foundation. This policy of artistic and cultural democratization is shared by our partners at the Art Museum in Chișinău, who will conduct at least one similar engraving workshop to well-known artists in this field.


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